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Crocosaurus Cove T/A Crocodile Leather’s range of genuine Australian Saltwater Crocodile products use some of the highest grade of crocodile skins available on the world market.
All leather for the products on display at Crocosaurus Cove, 58 Mitchell Street, Darwin NT, and for sale online via crocodileleather.com.au are purchased from The Darwin Crocodile Farm, a major commercial producer of Crocodylus Porosus (saltwater crocodile).

The Darwin Crocodile Farm follows industry best practice and commercially produce crocodile skins in a sustainable manner, whilst protecting and promoting northern Australia's wild crocodile population. 

Established in 1981 the farm has an international reputation for its production of quality skins.

Crocodiles are bred and raised on the farm under the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Commission's Crocodile Management Program, to produce superior quality crocodile skins.


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