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The skin from crocodiles has long been recognised internationally as a highly durable leather of great individual beauty as a finished product.  Each skin has its own individual pattern enabling every piece to be totally unique.

Saltwater crocodile skin is known in the leather industry as 'Singapore small scale' and has become the elite skin of the crocodilians. The porosus skin is renowned for its small scale size, also the belly of this species is devoid of osteoderms or "buttons" which are floating bone inside the skin.

Crocodilians such as Alligators, Caimans, and Freshwater crocodiles all have varying percentages of osteoderms within the belly skin. Osteoderms within the skin reduce the quality of the finished leather by reducing the flexibility and creating an uneven dye uptake within the skin.

All skins displayed online are a true representation of the exact item that you will be purchasing.

For more information our range of Saltwater Crocodile skins, please contact shop@croccove.com.

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